about us
about us

Life is too short to wear a dress shirt that dosn't look, fit, and feel EPIC

It is our EPIC mission to provide you with freedom and comfort, luxury and style — Specializing in the soul of a dress shirt, our Master Tailors combine over 60 years of experience, culling a family lineage of tailoring and textiles. We traveled the world searching for the purest form of the shirt.

What we found is what you want. Tried and true. Epic offers the very essence of what makes you look and feel your best without compromising comfort or fit.

Based in Tampa, Florida, we are familiar with freedom of choice and the importance of play. As consumers, we understand what it takes to look impressive at all times.

Blending age old traditions of Bespoke workmanship and cutting edge technology, we deliver custom tailored shirts made to your specifications.

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